Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Next episode

The last 3 years we have done some nice rides; in Australia, South-east Asia and our beloved own continent Europe.
But, as you may know, once there was one ride that was cruelly interrupted. It was September 2011 in Halkidiki, Greece, where Eveline was taken to hospital after a car had hit her. In that hospital a bad disease was found and our plan to ride round the world was completely over. But after that things have turned out wonderfully well, as you may conclude from the first line of this blog entry.
Now we have decided to pick up that 2011-ride again and do this on the exact spot of the accident. So mid May we will fly to Thessaloniki and get public transport to Ierissos. It's our plan to ride eastwards from there for 2 months. We won't stay away from home longer than that as there are certain things that pull us back too much. Like a lovely little granddaughter, for instance.
We will keep reporting via our blogs.