Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Our journey has abruptly come to an end. When we left the village of Ierissos on Tuesday 13/9 we rode on a wide two-lane road. Suddenly an oncoming car started to overtake the car in front of it. Doing this it came way too far to the left and it hit Eveline, who rode just behind me, at full speed. The left side of the bike was hit. Eveline was injured, but not unconscious. An ambulance has taken her to a hospital, where it became clear that her left arm was badly broken in several places. Although it looked worse initially she has amazingly few other injuries, considering that on the left side of the bike everything was ripped off and that the content of the rear pannier hung high in the bushes. The arm needs surgery. In consultation with the emergency center of our insurance company the decision was made not to wait for this to be done here. We hope to arrive in the Amphia hospital in Breda next Friday, where they have a MRSA-room available for her.
We hope to be able to continue this blog as usual in due course.

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