Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There's a lot to say about Sydney. Big, over 3.5 million inhabitants spread out over an immense area. Exactly on the place where captain Cook moored his ship in 1770, Sydney Cove, sits now Circular Quay, right in between the two icons of this city: the Opera House to the east and the Harbour Bridge to the west. An impressive site.
It's the point where streams of moving people meet. Ferries from all parts of the city, that is separated in many parts by large fjord-like bays that go deep inland, come and go here, city busses stop, a railway station is over the quay and on top of that there is a highway.
A pity that gigantic cruiseships moore here (one at a time) as well and by their unbelieveable size they block the view of the western part of this cove and the historic quarter there, The Rocks, can't be seen.
We spent a couple of days in this central area of the city. Strolling along the quays, the botanic garden, sitting on a terrace and drink or eat something, we were not the only ones enjoying this place. We went into the historic national library and visited a couple of musea, of which the most impressive one was the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It is situated on the edge of the botanic gardens, on walking distance from Opera House and the other highlights of the city. It is a large museum. There was an exhibition on Francis Bacon going on, nice. But the own collection and exhibitions of Asian art we found even more interesting and beautiful. We spent half a day in it, until we were completely saturated.
Certainly there are many more things to be seen, visited and done in this vibrant place. We decided to have another day of relaxing in our comfortable lodgings in Palm Beach and prepare ourselves for the next stage in our tour: south through the city by ferry and train, then riding along the coast for a couple of days and after that heading west, inland towards Canberra. Somewhere after or before the climb over the mountain range we will meet up with Gerda and Jeff again.

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