Thursday, February 13, 2014

Singapore, finished!

So we are in Singapore. We pedalled away 3800 kilometers to get here from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.
It was an interesting trip and we enjoyed it. We met no difficulties or hardships. We had one flat tyre, that was all.
There were days that were long, or boring, or with too much traffic to feel comfortable, but those were exceptions. Most of the time we had good roads in nice scenery. Thailand is easier to travel through than Malaysia, the Thai are much more tuned to tourists and as a tourist you will always find what you need at that moment. In Malaysia this is different. Part of that is due to the fact that this country lacks the lovely beaches and islands that Thailand has in abundance, but we think that the cultural difference is a big factor as well. The Thai are buddhists and behave in a relaxed and easy going way, the great majority of the Malay are muslims and this culrure has a lot of rules, do's and don'ts that you're not aware of in Thailand. So Thailand remains our favourite.
Singapore is a very organised place. Things work here and the city looks fine. After a first night in a guesthouse we moved to a Warmshowers host in a village like little part of the city, on walking distance from Singapore river and the city centre where the highlights are. As we usually do we visited the musea and parks etc. Eveline did her “I want to have ran in all the world's big cities”-run, twice this time.

Now it happens that our Warmshowers host, her name is Kristel Zweers, is a comedian (click on her name for her website). She has done three one-woman-show theatre tours in the Netherlands before she moved to Singapore, where her husband has a job in the offshore industry. Here she has started up her own business as an improvisation trainer and regularly she's on stage in stand-up-comedy shows. So yesterday we were in the Blu Jaz cafĂ© and enjoyed an hilarious evening during which she was one of the performers. 
Again: Warmshowers is awesome!

This very last day we'll do another walk, to the Marine area this time, and then pack, wait for the mini-van taxi to take us to the airport.
Breda, here we come!

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