Thursday, May 14, 2015

Continued with a very particular toast

Yesterday we arrived with a Transavia flight in Thessaloniki. Miraculously we found the bus station for regional Halkidiki-buses. Though the bus driver protested I managed to get the bicycles on board and as a result we found ourselves back in Ierissos two hours later. Ierissos is the place that we cycled away from in the morning of September 13th 2011, only to be stopped by force just eight kilometers further.

Here we were today, at the very same place. Here Eveline was knocked from her bicycle by an oncoming car that used the left side of the road as it was passing another car. Here she was picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital in Polygoros and there it was that they found the tumor. 

If there and then there had been no accident........
Therefore we stopped at the exact spot (I knew where it is because the track log of that day stopped there) and, surprise, Eveline presented a small bottle of champagne from her panniers and two plastic glasses. We toasted on life!

As life continues, so does the trip. Today we ended after 83 kilometers in Ofriniou Beach in a nice guesthouse, enjoyed a cold beer, some white wine to accompany the calimari and fried fresh squid.

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