Monday, January 23, 2017

Stormy winds

After perfect flights we landed in Havana a bit before scheduled. Our bikes came out quickly, boxes unharmed. Alsways a bit of a worry, so much depending on the condition of the bikes. Our man in Havana was waiting with a sign “Frons and Eveline”, so within the hour we were dropped off at a Casa Particular (the Cuban version of B&B). Surprise: not the one we had booked. But this seems to be normal practise in this country. Of course I disagreed and finally we agreed on a discount. In the end it appeared to be perfect, a spacious appartment (bicyles parked in the kitchen) in the very centre of the medieaval city centre. When we got out of the door we stepped right into colonial history. Old bronze guns used as poles to block the pedestrian area for traffic, very humouristic. Besides that the staff was sweet and helpful, breakfast copious and the bike boxes will be kept in a dry place for the return trip.
We spent two days in “La Habana Vieja”, walking the narrow and very (touristic) busy streets. Both museums for Bellas Artes (international and Cuban) are very worth while, took us hours and hours.

Then we left eastwards, first by ferry across the sheltered bay that made Havana such a safe port in the past full of pirates. Once on the other side we continued east, following the Via Blanca in a stormy wind that was now a headwind, then coming from besides and then in the rear. This day, 96 kms, was very long for a first day, with legs not yet used to the routine. We ended in a Casa Particular with food, beer, shower, good advice and a motorcycle hitch in order to buy an internet-ticket. And without the latter it would not be possible to post this blog.  

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