Thursday, June 2, 2011

First post on our new weblog

Hi everyone. Welcome to our new blog. The old blog didn't meet our needs any more. With the help of our son we made this new site and the 2-language blogs.
For us this blog is a method to let you know how we are doing, but it certainly is a way to keep in touch with our relatives and friends as well. So we do hope that you will make full use of the opportunities to react to the blogs, to e-mail us directly, to chat or whatever. 
This year (2011) we will be on our way during the 3 summer months of July, August and September. From next spring on these periods will be much longer. From previous experience we know that it's awfully nice then to stay in touch with home and friends. 
Most posts on this blog will be written by me, Frans. Eveline will mostly write on the Dutch blog. On both blogs you'll find stories about our experiences, in this one there will also be reports on the more technical matters like our route, roads, tracks, maps, equipment etc.

We'll depart early July, hope to meet you again then.

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  1. Are we the first to comment?????? If so, it's an honour! Greetings from Sam and Francesca "on the road" and currently in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. We are thrilled that you are off so soon and always remember our first night on the road with perfect hosts! May each and every evening of your trip be as joyful as our first night was in the company of wonderful people. Good luck and may the wind be at your backs! We have seen your route and will send an email shortly with some hopefully helpful tips. All the best S and F.