Sunday, July 3, 2011

River Ourthe

We have been cycling for 2 days now. Just 2 days and the legs are hurting. So soon, what's going on?
We left Breda on Saturday morning, confidently leaving our dear house in the care of our dear neighbors. The train that was too take us to our starting point Maastricht was not running because of railroad works. Nice, but this is what travelers have to get used to. They learn to  improvise. Not so difficult this time, we took a detour over Venlo. You know, the place where our famous blond Mozart originates from who is now thriving so much in the media and parliament with his anti-islam (and what more to come?) agenda.
From Maastricht we rode south. In no time we were in Belgium and had to climb the hills (or mountains) of the Ardennes. In these 2 days we traveled over 140 kms and climbed 1600 altitude meters (Eveline's figures). My GPS says it's only 1140 altimeters. (How I like all this modern devices. They give you so much information, but it's not clear which is correct.) Enough altimeters to feel the legs though. It's the beginners problem, we'll get over it.
In the mean time we have learned about modern campsites with kind staff and with wifi on the grass in front of your little tent. We have spent a night in our new Hilleberg and cut a whole forest in the mean time. The weather was nice but fresh, even very sunny the second half of this day. Currently we camp on a very quiet grassy spot on the border of the river Ourthe, just 3 meters wide here. We have the evening sun right on us and we pitched our little tent in such a way that the first rays of tomorrow's sun will hit us fully in the face as well.
So we are settling again in the life of the cyclist, which is a good thing to experience.


  1. Hey hey there, relax on the politics! Don't want you to grumble yourself an ulcer!
    There'll be plenty of countries with questionable politics you're going to travel through. May I kindly suggest you concentrate on the many positive impressions?

    Peace man! Love from Amsterdam.

  2. There I found my answer! The question was: have they finally left? And they did leave, indeed! So, back on the road again, dear Frans & Eveline! We will follow your notes here and there. Enjoy your tour for now and see you later in the month! Gino & Anna