Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A day in the hospital

Eveline's eye was so painful that she couldn't sleep, she couldn't stand the daylight and felt really bad. So right after breakfast we set off to the international clinic. Not very far, we walked about 30 minutes and got there by 09.30. A small building where we were told to wait. Which lasted 2 hours. Then we were seen by a doctor, who arranged an ambulance to bring us to the university hospital, as she didn't have the right instruments to diagnose Eveline's eye-problem. Again more than one hour waiting. Then a 5 minutes ride to the hospital, walking dark and low corridors back and forth, visiting the facturation office, a cabin with two lazy-looking girls, and then there was the eyes-department. We were received by a nice doctor who had the instruments and who quickly saw what was wrong, a corneal micro ulcer. A little sore in the middle of the eye, which with no treatment could become very dangerous. 
The eye doctor
 She prescribed 3 kinds of eye drops. Again it lasted some hours before we had the drops and paid the hospital (all in all just over 50€). Very soon after having administered the first set of drops Eveline felt a lot better. She will not stay in bed for two days as the doctor advised, but she will wear sunglasses all the time and by a hat or cap to shield her eyes from the sun. The good thing is that she is walking straight up again and that she has regained her energy.

Taxi, built in 1942,
Considering everything we decided to stay an extra day here. Returning from the hospital we called on the bus terminal and booked our 16-hour bus trip back to Havana on Thursday. So we will have ample time to extend our visas and see some museums and roam through the centre of the city, a colonial gem, with large colourfull buildings like hotels, cathedral, townhall, music bars and restaurants. And the Parque Cespedes for lingering on a bench and the internet of course.
Casa de la Trova, a famous music bar.

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