Tuesday, July 27, 2021

All well that ends well

Eveline has survived her birthday. And in a pleasant way. She received lots of messages from friends and relatives and the highlight was a video from the granddaughters. How to make a person happy!

After Cherasco we stayed in Saluzzo and Pinerolo, both regional cities with a 'centro storico', an historic centre. Though very different, both places are really charming with narrow little old streets and alleys, buzzling squares and people enjoying their lifes on scores of terraces. We fit in seamlessly and have no problem in understanding this way of life. Then, on Sunday, after exactly a week of cycling, we returned to Torino.

The rides between those places were worthwhile. Only at some times boring, most of the time beautiful scenery on the back roads that we used. Twice we had to cross a river bed, carrying and pushing the bikes across the rocks and gulleys. Piemonte is a nice cycling region.

Of course we were anxious about the proceedings with the broken Bosch drive unit of Eveline's ebike. We had received a message that Bosch had sent a new drive unit to the bike shop, and that the delivery, due on last Friday, was postponed. When will it come, how many days will it last before it comes? Imagine how happy we were when, reaching the shop this Monday morning to return the rented bike, we were informed that the unit had just been delivered, 15 minutes ago. And Bosch was wise enough to do the replacement for free, under guarantee, though the deadline was past. Of course! A drive unit should last longer than 5000 k, and Bosch appears to realize that.

So, we went off for a last lunch with Gino, after lunch the drive unit was mounted and we put the bikes on the rack and started for home. 

A special thing to mention: From Turin into Switzerland is best done via the Great Saint Berhard pass, Gran San Bernardo. Exactly ten years ago Eveline and I crossed the same pass in the opposite direction, on our (not e-) bikes on the first stage of our round the world tour. You may remember what happened in Greece one month later and how that changed our lives. We especially didn't drive through the tunnel today, but climbed to the pass where we made a similar photo of ourselves. Ten years after, still alive and cycling!



A special tribute to the bike shop in Torino. They were so helpful and adequate. A special recommendation!  https://www.myebike.eu

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