Friday, January 4, 2013

BBQ's and camp kitchens

This country is fond of eating meat and preparing it outside on a barbecue. At each house you will see a bbq on the veranda, in varying sizes, mostly large. Such a bbq is a stainless steel plate that is heated by gas burners underneath. This is remarkable, as we have seen this in no other country before. But its even worse. You will find such bbqs in parks and on beaches, free to use. These ones are mostly mostly 60 x 60 cms and electrical. So you will see families or groups of friends together around such a open air bbq and have their meaty meal. And it's free!
In caravanparks it's the same, as well as on the grounds of many motels. There are various open air bbqs available for the guests. In caravanparks there is more. Every park has its camp kittchen. So convenient, we have hardly used our own gas stove at all. These camp kitchens, when they're good, have the whole set of kitchen utensils free to use. It varies, but the good ones are clean, have tables and chairs, have an indoor and outdoor part, and have a microwave, an oven, cooking tops, waterboilers, a toaster, pots and pans, cups, glasses and mugs, cutlery, a fridge and freezer and sometimes there is instant coffee and tea bags as well. And there is cleaning material, as you are supposed to leave things clean for other guests. We have learned to appreciate these conveniences very much. Tonight we will have nice black angus beef burgers and grilled eggplant and portobellos. Viva la bbq!
It is not clean and complete everywhere, but in general it's not bad. Something we as Europeans could learn from.