Friday, January 4, 2013

Ned Kelly country

After Beechworth we passed through Ned Kelly land. Crazy what history does. A murdering criminal is now a hero on which a whole tourist industry is based. Not very big, nothing of the kind is big over here compared to where we come from, but Ned is everywhere. In shops, musea, images, gadgets, tourist shows and so on. When we passed through this region we also passed into another year. We hardly noticed. On our caravan park in Benalla everyone went to bed at normal times, which is between 9 and 10, and in the morning it appeared to be 2013. Just like that.
From Benalla we went south and had our first fully booked caravan park. I think the lady at the reception had a chronically bad temper, since she was just repeating that there was no place for us and she was not helpful at all in suggesting other options for us. Which I'm sure all other receptionists here would have done. It's what Ozzies do, help if they can. On the other hand, considering the kind of tourists that were on the campsite, her behaviour is imaginable. It sits on a lakeside and it's all motors there. Big cars, big motorbikes, motorboats, jetskies and more noisy stuff. Perfect reasons for a permanent bad mood I would say.
We were very kindly received in the local motel. Glad there was one, we had done 70 k on new year's day.

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