Tuesday, April 3, 2018


We have been cycling in Kyushu island for 11 days now. We covered a good 550 kms. We are not hurrying. By now we should be experienced enough to find our way handsomely in this country., where we belong to the species of the analphabetic. But that is not said yet.
Still we do not recognize the signs on the buildings. So finding a place to stop for a break is difficult. And we do not recognize these places from their outer appearance. Not that that would matter, it's all food restaurants. Just having a drink is a thing not done here, as it seems.
So where do we stop and refresh when cycling? The answer is the convenience store. These are small supermarkets that sell just the things you need. A variety of fresh coffees, all kinds of small bites hot and cold, sandwiches, ready made meals and cold drinks. All of this take away, or consume in the car, as we often see. There's always a good and clean toilet, sometimes there is a place to sit and have your sip and relax for a while. For us the places to look for for a stop.There are plenty of them, with names like Family Mart, Lawson and 7-Eleven. This last one has a slight preference, since they have ATMs that accept our bankcards.

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