Friday, August 19, 2011

It's great to be a European

I've always deeply considered myself a European. I remember my childhood. I was born in the year when WO II came to an end. We lived in a house along the road from my native village to the neighbouring village, which was Meer in Belgium. This village was very close, the people there spoke my language, but at the border the road was blocked by steel posts fixed in concrete blocks.
Today is different. We move and feel as free Europeans over our own continent. Uncredibly much has been achieved by our politicians in my lifetime. Unfortunately at the moment they seem to lack the vision and leadership to solve the current problems, and the wind is against.
What I also like tremendously in my continent? Europe has been inhabited by people for a very long time and thus it has a long history from which the remains can be seen and experienced in very many places. In Italy this is so obvious, it is teeming with well preserved historic places. I find it impressive to see how normal 21st century life takes place in places where numerous generations over tens of ages have done the same. Another reason why I consider it great to be a European.   


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  2. Aha dear Frans,
    Due to the message on Eveline's page I found out that you have your own blog in English.
    I already wondered why I only found messages from Eveline and not from you, as a big speaker and writer ;-)
    But now I've found you again.
    Enjoy Split and the rest of your trip!

    Greetings from Tilburg,