Friday, August 12, 2011

Mediterranean, so blue, so blue.

A translated quote of Toon Hermans, the Dutch father of the one-man-show.
We left Villafranca in Lunigiana in the morning and it took still some 30 kms of descent through the valley before we reached the sea. The crossing of the Appenines from Parma to the sea as we did it is very beautiful. Mostly quiet roads too, only past Aulla there was much traffic.
When we started it was not our intention to see the Mediterrenean, but since we abided to our Torinese advisor Gianni, here we are.
This stretch of coast is very popular among sun and beach lovers. Some 40 kms we cycled along it and it is one uniterrupted line of bars and restaurants with their own secluded beaches, where you can rent a sun shade and 2 beach chairs for 20 or more euros a day. We hardly saw the sea, as all these conveniences were blocking the sight. So not much blue for us. Looking in the opposite direction we saw mountains with huge pieces missing. Understandble when you realise that we passed Massa and Carrara. Since the tourists here transport themselves by their private cars the roads were busy and it was parked cars wherever you could look. It's high season, so we are not complaining, but these are not the places where we want to be very long.
Now we have landed at a campsite near Viareggio and tomorrow we will continue to Lucca. Not very far from here, but we want to see the place and have some time for that. As there are no campsites or warmshowers hosts in the vicinity we expect that we will spend the night there in a hotel or b&b-room.

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