Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Italian is bound to be special

This country is inhabited by Italian people. People who above all boast of their land as a land good for food and wine. They keep on telling you this and they are not telling lies. There is nothing that's more important than food. And wine of course. And family. And home. But don't forget the food!
They are proud of their region and they find the people in the north of their region, let alone of Italy as a whole, quite different from themselves. And so they find the people of the south, and the east and the west. These people are much different, you know what I mean? (Do I?) We've heard it so many times. Yes, and the reason why he is telling you all this is that he is a special Italian. OK, but I have a friend in Torino who says the same thing. Than he is also a special Italian. Yes, and in the end every Italian is a special Italian.

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