Friday, August 12, 2011

On the road again

On Tuesday we buried the old man. As a family we had prepared a worthy and beautiful ceremony in which he was commemorated as the man he had been, how we remember him and what he had meant for us. I realised that saying goodbye was not that difficult any more, since – by his illness – we had lost him quite some time ago. Though there have been moments of contact until very late in his illness, even very humorous ones. Now we all feel that it's good that he has found his rest.

We flew back to Pisa on Thursday. There was some stress that morning. I have acquired a new MacBook Air (Yes, I know, too much). Just to try how it is Tjetske borrowed my MacBookPro. She took it with her to Amsterdam, but she also took the adapter of my new little Air-thing. Two Macs in one room appeared to be one too many. So we travelled to Amsterdam Central first, where Teunis handed over the adapter and then back to the airport. Actually nothing special, a smooth operation, but imagine me not finding the adapter the day before. Well, Teunis compensated by also handing over a bag of concentrated fruit as a strengthener for us when cycling. Good stuff.
Nice to mention also is that we travelled to Amsterdam with the high speed train Fyra, together with our friend Lisa, who was going to visit her daughter and grandchild, who moved to Berlin a couple of months ago. Such a coincidence.

We arrived at the campsite at 17.45. They knew we were coming. We were warmly welcomed and 30 minutes later we sat in front of our little tent and we were set again. Mentally it took a bit longer.

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