Thursday, July 21, 2011


We left the slopes over Lausanne after midday, since it rained all the time and I still had to attend my second lesson in computer and gps technics. Fortunately we were lucky and under more and more clear skies we reached Martigny. The heavy clouds over the Geneva lake were impressive though,
In Martigny we once visited an exposition on Rodin in the museum called Fondation Pierre Gianadda. This was a long time ago, when Teunis still was a little boy. It happens that today there is an exposition of 70 works of Monet. Of course this will be our first activity tomorrow morning. Coincidence, for us Martigny is a place of modern art.

From our doorstep the road starts climbing towards the pass; Le Col du Grand Saint Bernard, border with Italy. Altitude 2496. You know, there are monks up there and big dogs walk around in the snow with tiny little barrels of liquor tied to their collars to bring fainted cyclists back to the world.
I was their on my own on my bike 5 years ago. I reached the pass by bus. The weather at the time was too bad. It is not certain, but the weather forecast for tomorrow seems not too bad. There is supposed to be snow at 2400 alt. If we decide to cycle we will do it in two days. 1000 meters ascent per day (Martigny is 475). It would be nice, since if we succeed we can celebrate Eveline's 62nd birthday right on the Col. Let their be dogs with full barrels!  

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