Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Torino revisited

Leaving Aosta is easy. It's a 70 kms long descent out of the valley. The wind from behind, so hardly any pushing of the pedals. (video)
Here you'll find a campsite where the home made wine is only € 1,-- for half a liter.
Continue like we did and you'll stop in front of the small appartment in Turin where we stayed. This appartment belongs to Anna, who happens to be our friend Gino's wife. A small but comfortable studio, more or less in the centre of this pretty city, very worth while a visit.
Meeting our friends was as always, with much attention to food, a visit to the mountain house on the high slopes of the Susa valley, to the museum of modern art, a bicerin, evenings with friends on a terrace in the centre.
We were adviced about our following itinerary to the Adriatic coast by Gianni Gandini. He is a colleague of Gino and a former one of myself, since long ago we participated in the same international educational project. Gianni is a cyclist himself and knows where to ride or not.

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