Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nothing as warm as a Warmshowers' host.

Our stay in Avoudrey was wonderful, though Eveline had been in bed for 32 hours at a stretch. The next day Eveline said she was fit to travel. With pain in the heart we said goodbye to Marie Claire, who had to go to work. We found it wise not to have Eveline make all the climbs between Avoudrey and Neuchâtel by bike. Christian managed to get us, the bikes and the luggage into his car and he drove us some 40 kms to the campsite of la Chaux de Fonds (Sw).
The camp site is run by Christian's brother Bernard and his wife Claire. We were warmly welcomed and immediately put at the table for lunch. After this we said goodbye to Christian as well and we descended in the rain to Neuchâtel. (Descend we were told, but there was a very nasty climb in between).
In Neuchâtel we stayed in the Warmshowers home in Rue Louis Favre of Johanna and her family of three plus cat, who were all away this time. Their house is an appartment in the loft of an old building and you live there among the old beams supporting the roof and there is a beautiful view on the lake. A very nice and kind stay again.
From Neuchâtel we rode to another Warmshowers house, this time of Alain and Ursula Besson. They have cycled in many parts of the world as well. Our Garmin navigator stupidly sent us to their house through the centre of Lausanne and as a consequence we had to climb 450 meters in just a few kilometers up to their home, as this is nicely sitting on a high slope (830 alt.) in the little village of Vers Chez les Blanc. When we stopped by their door steam came out of our ears. This could be done better, Alain said, he had the solution and he would teach me. From now on we would be more clever. But first a cold beer and a warm shower of course.

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