Friday, June 26, 2015

Having a meal in ramazan time

This day we were tourists in Erzurum. Shops are open, but tea houses, restaurants or anything like that are closed. We visited the sights and were so lucky to discover that in a new shopping mall they do not practise ramazan. Lucky us, we treat ourselves to some really good coffee and a sandwich in a real Lavazza-bar.

We had spotted a good restaurant close to our hotel. Yesterday we went there at about 20.00 hrs, but they were full. Today we were there 40 minutes before sunset, (today at 19.57) already half full. Many staff shouting and running around, arranging tables and receiving the continious stream of guests. We were given seats, then other seats, then again, eh no, stay etc. Very lively and hilarious place. In the end we were with four young man at a table for six. Towards eight o'clock all the food was on all the tables and the people were really eager to start. We saw men endlessly putting salt on their salads, bread, rice, squeezing the lemon an extra time etc, a nervous and comic crowd.
Then all of a sudden, the sound of the iman, silence: Eating! 20 minutes later the restaurant is nearly empty again and we are among the last guests, gladly accepting a second free tea. Our bill for soup, two meat dishes, a salad, a plate wtih melon parts, two ayran (buttermilk), bread, water and a lot of fun: 35 Turkish lira (€11,78).

 After dinner there is ramazan party time in the centre.

Mocha at Lavazza bar.

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