Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bellingen and BBQ-Jazz

After the Rappville experience we got very wet in the morning and dry again during the second half of the day. We stayed on a Caravan Park in South Grafton, continued to another one in Coffs Harbour, on the coast where they have a giant banana. They seem to like big things here.

Then we continued to Bellingen. It's not so far south of Coffs Harbour and some 11 kms inland. We were told many times to go there. It was supposed to be historic, calm and an old hippie place. We were not disappointed. There were buildings from almost a century ago, it was beautiful, it had a small museum and it was calm indeed. As we had been riding for over a week and every day had been a mountain stage with endless ups and downs we decided to have a day off there. It was raining when we arrived, so we took the Diggers Tavern as our domicile.
The day was spent by defining the route for the coming week, where to ride, where to stay and when to arrive at the gates of Sydney, as we have an appointment there. Eveline made a walk to the old butter factory, we had a leisurely lunch together and so on.
In the evening we had a choice: a blues band was playing in our tavern, a jazz band in the federal hotel, the old pub. We decided for the latter, wasn't difficult.
It was great. We had our food and drinks on the veranda and at 19.00 hrs the Roger Burke Quartet started to play. We had a fantastic evening, the band, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums, was wonderful. The musicians were really communicating with each other, they lived through their instruments. The audience was never bigger than 15 or 20, there were some guest players and singers, marvoullous. A thing to remember from our many travels.
If you would like to know more about the RBQ (not BBQ) Jazz band, click here and go to their website, with a demo.

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