Sunday, November 4, 2012


is a town a bit inland, half a day's ride from Tin Can Bay. The coastal area is flat and has a sandy soil, which is very poor and nearly all that is grown there is pine trees. Some kilometers before Gympie this changed. It became hilly and the flora became very diverse. Reason for this is that we entered a former volcanic area, so a much richer soil. Many jacaranda trees here and, we're lucky to be here just now, all in full bloom. From a crest looking on Gympie gives a wonderful panorama of wooded hills with houses and everywhere the purple crowns of the jacaranda. A magnificent view.
We arrived pretty early at our WarmShowers address. The house belonged to Andy and his wife Clair and their two young children, Rosie of 4 years and Hamish of 4 months. They live in an old Queenslander house which they have very nicely modernised. We stayed two nights and enjoyed it greatly. We should especially mention the very observant and inquisitive Rosie, who contributed a lot to our conversations and made our stay the more interesting and enjoyable. Another wonderful WarmShowers experience.

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