Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bellingen to a yellow and black pole

For a moment or two I thought that we were going to repeat last year's scenario. We were riding on a cycle lane, separated from the highway. Luxury. In order to prevent cars from using the lane there were poles put in the middle at some places. After having passed several of them Eveline smashed into one and crashed on the pavenment. Initially it didn't look good at all. She had much pain in the lower back and in her upper left leg. Couldn't stand at all. A man who lived there had called 000, and so an ambulance and a police car arrived at the scene. By that time Eveline could more or less stand again. The medics and the police officers were very professional and service oriented. After a check they were confident no bones were broken. Relief. In the end they decided that they'd better take Eveline to the caravan park in Macksville that we had in mind, another 10 k. The police car took her bike, which had hardly any damage. I raced behind them and found Eveline waiting for me at the caravan park, still a bit shaky, but alright.
We rented a cabin, she was too stiff and too sore to go in a tent that night. The receptionist of the park offered to take us to the shopping centre, as we still had to buy our food etc. Such a friendly gesture, it took at least 45 minutes going up and down, but she simply did it and wanted nothing in return. Would we find this in Europe? I wonder. In the end we had a nice and comfortable night in this park.
The next day Eveline appeared to be able to ride her bike again and after a couple of days it was all over and almost forgotten.

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