Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The beach wedding that wasn't on the beach

On Friday we cycled to South Brisbane station and there we took a train to Lota, the suburb where Tim and Angela live. They were going to marry on the beach of Coochiemudlo island (shoes optional). Tim owns a 40-foot sailing yacht and he had asked us to come to their house and to sail with him from the marina near it to the island.
Brisbane weather is very steady and always nice, warm and calm. But not this weekend. We sailed out and it was not long before I became seasick. There was a much stronger wind than expected, the boat was leaning over strongly, the sea was rough. Eveline had no problem. After a good three hours I was glad to be allowed in the dingi first to go on the beach.
On the island a number of wedding guests had already arrived, coming from various places in the country. We were staying with Michael and Shannon, a cousin of the bride, in the house they had rented for a week. Staying with them was very pleasant, we got on very well and we talked for hours and hours.
On Saturday it rained almost all day. On Sunday there was such a hard wind that the ceremony had to be held inside, in the small community hall on the island. A pity, but the wedding ceremony and the party afterwards didn't suffer from it. It went on till late in the evening.
The next day the sun was shining, the sea was calm and the boat trip home was agreeable. We pitched our tent in the garden and on Tuesday morning we said goodbye and took off. On our own again after a whole week. We travelled by train back to Ipswich in the western parts of Brisbane and from there we rode a good 50 k south through beautiful scenery to Boonah. A quiet country town with a quiet campsite on the showgrounds. We are travelling again.

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