Friday, November 16, 2012

Things happen

As you will have noticed the design of the blog has changed. I did this myself, but not on purpose. Must have overlooked something, clicked on the wrong button and the old design was replaced. Also gone are the links in the right column. I will try to restore it asap, since I don't like it the way it looks now. Am not sure if I remember how it all works though.

Then both our much appreciated Monarch chairs got broken. The first one two days ago, the other one yesterday. Amazing, so immediately after each other. The design of these chairs is such that there is a lot of tension on the tubes that hold the canvas seat in its shape. On both chairs one tube snapped at a connection point with another tube. I managed to make one whole chair by using a tube from the other one. But we feel very deprived now, not being able to sit properly when camping. I'm already in touch with Alite, the Californian maker of the chairs and they are suggesting a solution that I'm not yet happy with. We keep working on it.

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