Sunday, November 4, 2012


From Gympie we continued our ride south. The scenery stayed beautiful. Hilly, green, cattle in the pastures, jacarandas, birds. The contrast with the coastal area is big. First to Kenilworth, where we camped at the local Showgrounds. This is an area, this time owned by volunteers, often by the town council, where there are sports grounds and facilities, a community hall, a swimming pool and the like. Sometimes they advertise these showgrounds as campsites. There are toilets and warm and cold showers, that's it. The town (very small) was close, there were some shops and a pub.
From there we rode up a range to a height of 460 meters to an area called Witta, 11 kms north of Maleny. There we were expected in a very beautiful big queenslander house, or maybe mansion is a better word. This house, seated on a big property at the end of a dirt road belongs to David and Sue. The latter is the sister of Jen, who was our host a good 3 weeks ago in Atherton. She suggested us going there. The region is very pretty, the house overlooked a valley. David and Sue call their house a farm. A large portion of land belongs to it. Mainly paddocks, meadows for cattle. They are (semi) retired and bought the property not so long ago. It had been left empty and unused for three years. Now they are working hard to bring the overgrown paddocks back in order and they think they might have some 50 cattle in the the end. We saw the results so far and it was their own paradise. Here we also stayed two nights and had a lovely stay with a breakfast in Maleny, a walk over the property and nice evenings together.
Melany used to be a hippie-town. Still you can see women in colourfull skirts and leggings and the atmosphere is relaxed, calm and nice.

By the way: the last posts have been upladed using the personal hotpsot function of our smartphone. Works pretty well, not slow at all. Uploading pictures will cost too many MBs, will be done when there is wifi.

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