Sunday, October 21, 2012


The North Queensland coast has to deal with cyclones now and then. They do a lot of damage. The restoration of Innisfail after the 2006 one took 3 years. Further along the coast we would see the trees in the rainforest without their tops, bare dead trees among them. They occur regularly and only last year Jeff and Jane's house in Mission Beach only miraculously survived one. Since then they can see the river through the trees of the forest, the cyclone has thinned it out.
Weather conditions and its consequences here appear to be more extreme than we are used to. In summer is so hot and humid that you can hardly do anything. Then sometimes so much rain falls that there are floods, sometimes catastrophic ones. You see flood warnings near many bridges, with indicators how high the water is over the road. Then there can be dramatic draughts. Not to mention the bush fires that cause victims every year again. A harsh country.

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