Saturday, October 27, 2012

Once upon a time in Tin Can Bay

there was a dolphin swimming in the estuarium. It was injured and very ill. It came so close to the shore that some people saw it and tried to help it by offering food like fish and little crabs. The dolphin took it and it stayed at this place for over a week. The people stayed with it all the time and after this good week the animal was well again and took off into the river mouth and the Great Sandy Straits between Fraser Island and the main land. But not for long. Just a few days later the people on the shore were surprised to see the same dolphin again, this time accompanied by members of the group it lived with. That's why you can now go to the very end of the little peninsula every morning at 07.00 hrs, because then the dolphins will appear and if you pay 5 dollars you may even feed one of them.

This is not a fairy tale but a true story. The first dolphin in the story came in in the early nineteenfifties and now the alpha male of the group is the third generation. His name is Mystique. Volunteers run the small organisation and take care of it that the animals are approached in a proper way and that nothing happens that could harm their health and natural behaviour. It's no big touristic event and very charming to be witnessed.

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