Sunday, October 14, 2012

Safety mania

This continent was colonized and shaped by people who had the courage to leave their original environment and start an unknown and unpredictable adventure, a new life in a strange and much still to be developed country. So the daring kind of people. Now what has happened to them? They seem to have become extremely cautious and afraid of risks. You see all too many signs and texts like: "Beware..., Mind..., Don't do this and don't do that". "Roadworks ahead, starting on Oct. 14th, expect minor delays", "Clean after use", "Flush after using the toilet", etc, etc. Even in obvious situations you will find warnings, sometimes even a bit silly ones. In the Australia Sept-Oct2012 album I inserted some photos to illustrate. Click in the right column.
By the way, recently 2 new videos have been uploaded. Click in the right column for that too.

1 comment:

  1. Gebroken spaak? Waar hebben we dat meer gezien?
    Heel dun wc-papier? Lijkt me lastig voor bepaalde mensen!
    Onvriendelijk barpersoneel? Het kan ook anders, zelfs in een woon-mall in Amsterdam werden we uiterst vriendelijk behandeld, dus er is nog hoop.
    Waarschuwingsbordjes zijn er niet voor niets: bij de afdaling van de Mont Ventoux kwamen we het bord tegen: 'partageons la route' en niet voor niets!