Thursday, October 25, 2012

Internet in Australia

Until now we have found it hard to use internet. When we stay in peoples' homes, and fortunately we are so lucky as to do that regularly, it's fine. Like home. But on caravan parks or places likes bars, restaurants it's bad. Last year, when we cycled through Europe, there was wifi on every campsite and mostly free. We never had a problem to do our thing on the world wide web.
On my iPhone I currently have an Australian subscription that works very good. I have 500MBs per month plus a lot of minutes for calls for 19,90 Australian dollars per month. Until now this appears to do fine, and it works very well. Not so as to wifi, on caravan parks they easily charge 7 dollars per hour. Even then you are not sure if it works.
Since yesterday I have configured my Iphone in such a way that it can serve as a personal hotspot for the Mac. I needed to call the provider for that, they needed to do something with my settings. It means that I can now use my Mac a lot more, but it is not fast, to say it mildly. So if no photos or videos are being uploaded for a long time, you know why.

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