Sunday, October 14, 2012

Observations 1

When one visits another country for the first time, there will always be some things that strike you. That you find strange, awkward, silly or simply that you don't understand. It's all a matter of culture of course and to be taken relatively, but in my case, some things stick in my mind.
The first thing that I noticed during the first days of my Australian life was... the toilet paper. Not a minor thing, though it may seem so. We use it every day and we like it to serve its purpose without complications. Well, during the first weeks here we were confronted on each toilet with toilet paper that was so thin that just touching it was complicated, it would tear to pieces immediately. It was so thin that it was hardly possible to get a complete piece from the roll or container. You need to use the whole hand and very gently pull the paper out and if you were lucky you would have an unshredded piece of paper in the hand. So very carefully pull out a long stretch fold it many times and then use it for its purpose without risking nasty consequences.
I could not stop of thinking of all those tough sugar cane workers and those Landcruisers and pick-up drivers with their big and calloused workmens' hands carefully fumbling in the toilet.
How would they do that. Fortunately, I still wonder why, since Atherton it is better.

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