Sunday, October 21, 2012


Ploughing against the wind we have reached Mackay. A not unpretty place where we are staying with Jacki and Peter MCCallum in their old queenslander house. A very hospitable couple and very cycle-minded. Peter is in the Audax rides organization. Last year he did Paris-Brest-Paris in only 88 hours and 16 minutes. Not bad for such a short distance of 1230 kms.
Many people have adviced us not to ride the stretch south of Mackay; very long distances with nothing. As the wind is still blowing in the opposite direction we have decided to follow up this advice and tonight we will board a Geyhound bus for a night ride to Maryborough, over 600 kms south of Mackay. Brisbane won't be far any more then, but there are things we would like to visit in between.

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