Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Big countries

We have pedalled away 1745 kms during this tour so far. And still we are in the same country as where we started, Thailand. And still we have several hundreds kms to go before we will reach Malaysia. All this time we have been not far away from the border with Myanmar (or Burma). Actually it was only a few days that we didn't have the bordering mountain range in sight. We passed the point where Thailand is the narrowest, only 10,9 kms between the sea and Burma. The last two days we have been riding along the Kraburi river, the border is in the middle of it.
Today we are in Ranong, a place with a border crossing with Burma. There are not so many of those and as a cyclist you are not allowed to enter the country. Tourists are only allowed to fly in and out of the country until now, and a visa is granted for maximum 30 days.
This was what we originally wanted, cycle through Burma instead of Thailand, and see this hidden country with our own eyes. Alas, we couldn't get it arranged. We hope for changing times and we might have a second chance some time later.

The border crossing with Ranong is the utmost southern point of Burma, so tomorrow we will finally leave it behind us.  

Burma on the other side.

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